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Our food packaging comes in all shapes and sizes, as well as types of material.

Deli Food Packaging

The Deli Food Industry is still growing, and our priority is to supply packaging that is both durable and innovative.

With Yucca Packaging, you need not look anywhere else. We are able to supply all varieties of food packaging for your particular needs.

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Food Manufacturer

We understand that food manufacturer’s packaging is required to comply with FDA Compliancy parameters, and therefore we always keep up to date with the changing regulations.

Further, our knowledge on the different needs of each manufacturer, means that we are able to supply the perfect solution each time.

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Our agricultural arm was born from realising the need for quality and practical packaging in this industry.

With Food and Safety regulations as strict as they are, we are able to provide the correct containers for the particular contents, both fresh and frozen.

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Eco Friendly

In our mission to provide an ever-expanding range of products we have added an eco-friendly alternative range consisting of either corn or sugarcane / wheat.

Our aim is to lesson our carbon footprint, reduce waste, decrease energy usage and supply a product that not only looks good but helps us reduce impact on the environment.

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